Thursday, March 31, 2011

Star of the Magi

This is my first block for the Greetings from Elm Creek Manor quilt (designed by Jennifer Chiaverini). As per usual, I used Marti Michell templates as much as possible, Set E has most of the pieces. Since I created the quilt in Electric Quilt, I just printed the pentagon template from that, rather than tracing from the book. Using double sided tape to affix it to the fabric makes it easy to rotary cut the piece, just put the quarter inch line of a small rotary ruler on the seam line and cut. Love the green fabric, had it for a while and so glad I can finally enjoy it in a quilt!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Civil War Chronicles BOM 2

All caught up on block making, waiting for the next installment. The three months are currently in rows, should be a center soon. I modified the instructions a bit to remove unneeded seams, used Marti Michell templates to cut everything.

Civil War #13 - Little Blue Basket

I used EQ templates to make this block, trimmed with the Marti Michell corner.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Civil War #12 Louisiana

I tried out Patti Anderson's No Waste Method for flying Geese with this block. Works pretty good. Go to to see it. Some day I will figure out how to imbed links!

After 12 blocks, thought seeing them all together would be nice.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Knitting - getting some of that done too

Taking the bus to work is helping with my knitting. The scarf was done mostly on the bus, the sock and washcloth, not. But still, knitting is getting done too. Also been working on the KAL - Stripes Alive - no picture yet, but fun socks.

sock from the Little Box of socks

February mid-month knit-along

Jared Flood Noro Striped scarf - this is my second one, fun to make, each one is different, this is now half done.

In the Forest - Baby quilt

I think this is the last baby quilt for a while, at least I don't know of any that need to be made! This is just the top, need to figure out how to quilt it next.

Civil War Chronicles BOM 3

I did the month 3 blocks before two, here they are:

Month 2 is cut out - should be done soon.

Civil War BOW update

Block 9 was Birds in the Air

I did blocks 10 and 11 last Saturday, Lincoln's Platform and London Square.

all caught up until Saturday!