Sunday, December 30, 2012

Quilting "Album of quilters"

Still a ways to go, but the in the ditch quilting between the blocks and the plain block quilting is done. I used Karyn Emmerson's Quilting Inspirations and my Bernina 200e to 'embroider' the quilting designs. Still learning how to do this, it has been a while since I hooked up the embroidery unit, forgot a lot.

Grandmother's Choice - BOWs 17 & 18

I got a little behind this last week, Christmas and youngest daughter at home had something to do with it. All caught up now. This first BOW is Mother's Delight, symbolizing Christabel Pankhurst. Printed the templates from EQ7.
BOW 18 is Cheyenne:Wyoming firsts, mostly rotary cut, but used EQ templates for the diagonal square and the triangles.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Greetings from Elm Creek Manor done!

Now up in my entry way, this actually might get a bit more quilting for next year, and needs blocking, but later.

Knitting another Noro striped scarf

I needed something easy to bring along on the New York trip, so grabbed my last skeins of Noro and needles and started this in the airport. This is the fourth Noro striped scarf I have made, and probably the last.

Civil War chronicles

Still plugging away at the Civil War Chronicles BOM. Month 8 is a tumbling blocks variation.
Month 9 is Broken Windows. Still have three more to make of this one, still cutting out that blasted stripe. There are a lot of directional fabrics in this quilt, can't say they are fun to work with, in fact, very fiddley. Not terribly happy with the stripe in this block, will try and get them lined up better in the next ones, which means fussy cutting for the whole block.

Grandmother's Choice BOW

Almost a third of the way done! 16 of 49 blocks are complete. Let's just ignore the sashing (which I currently plan on piecing). Here are the first 16 blocks on the design wall.
BOW 15 is Centennial to celebrate the New Zealand women's right to vote.
BOW 16 is Capital T - for the Temperance movement.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Grandmother's Choice catch-up

After a couple of hectic weeks, it was time to get caught up with the Grandmother's Choice BOWs.
BOW 12 was Little Boy's Breeches and symbolizes dress reform. I was reminded of Amelia Peabody, Elizabeth Peters' intrepid Egyptologist and sleuth. Amelia was an avid advocate of rational dress, but until now I really wasn't sure what it looked like. Now I know thanks to Barbara Brackman.

BOW 13 - Everybody's Favorite - is for Universal Suffrage. A bit tongue in cheek - I don't think it was Everybody's favorite. Going away Thanksgiving weekend and then a long week at work kept me from getting this one done, but it is done now. Barbara modified this block to be easier in an eight inch format. I copied the Blockbase version and used EQ to make templates.
BOW 14 is Bride's Knot for Invisible women. How glad I am that is no longer the case in the United States, more or less. But it still is in various parts of the world. Again I copied the Blockbase version into EQ and used templates.