Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Grandmother's Choice BOW 11

This weekend was quilting, actually quilting, not piecing, so the BOW this week took a back seat. Tonight I got it done, not exactly a Little Red Schoolhouse, more a Vine Covered Cottage.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Center almost quilted

Still need to do the trees and red bits of buildings using the green and red threads shown. Debating on how/what to quilt. At least for the trees. Buildings will be easy.

Christmas Greetings quilt progress

Saturday I spent much of the day at the sewing machine, stitching in the ditch (along the sashing and the narrow red block trim) is done, and a bit more. Two blocks are mostly quilted, and I am working on the center block. Now I need to make some decisions on how to quilt that field of snow!
I have been looking at Leah Day’s website to get some ideas. The falling snow is a variation of one of her designs. Still need to do a filler pattern around the outer applique shapes. I used a very light silver Rayon for the snow, a bit of glimmer. And I need to fix some of the icicles hanging from the roof.
While stitching in the ditch, I did part of the Feathered Star, still needs something in the star, but I will use green for that stitching, not the gold.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cornucopia of Thanks done!

At around 98" square, this will be for our bed. I have two matching pillowcases made so far, need to make another two. Love this quilt!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Civil War Chronicles BOM 6

I did months 7 and 6 out of order, but now months 1 - 7 are done. This is Crown of Thorns, 4 of them.

Grandmother's Choice BOW 10 - New York

How appropriate that the block this week is New York, although it was not picked because of Sandy, but rather to commemorate Susan B. Anthony voting in New York on the first Tuesday in November in New York in 1872. It was also the last time she would vote, not living to see the 19th amendment passed into law.
Still using "Morris and Company", tricky to get flag colors. The corner star was fussy cut using the large floral, white flowers for the star, a blue background for the field.