Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Patchwork Barn, Mug Rugs and other things

First up, I have been working diligently, at least recently, on my Patchwork Barn BOM. This month was the center Barn block with applique. After stitching the barn block I had to decide if I wanted to use the fusible shapes that came in the kit, or do turned edge applique. I opted to use the fusible shapes, with a blanket stitch in sort of matching colors. I set my Bernina 630 up with a #720 stitch, reversed, 2.4 length and 2.2 width, and then used a small straight stitch to secure the beginning and ending section of stitching. I found that if I moved the needle over two clicks to the right it lined up nicely with the edge of the applique shape.
After stitching the center block I went ahead and stitched the parts together, so now I just have to wait until October for the next applique border.

In my last post I showed the first set of mug rugs. Well, I got carried away making them, and made three more sets. The pattern came from Shabby Fabrics, as did the kits for the sunflowers and cone flowers. I used my own wool for the shamrocks. I am looking forward to the October set, don't know what it is yet, but I am sure it will have pumpkins!

My Favorite things "redwork" BOM is a tea kettle this month. It is so cute, I want to make a tea cup / tea pot quilt. That has actually been on my "wanna-do" list for a while. Maybe next year?
Also done in the last couple of weeks, several dishcloths, no picture, and I gave two of them away.
I almost forgot about the mini-socks! These are for an advent calendar a friend is making. I made three, these are the first two.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Wooly update

This last week has been working with wool, both wool applique and knitting.
First up, I stitched the fifth Moon Garden block, from Primitive Gatherings, a BOM. So I am all caught up. No new stitches for me with this one. I love the fly stitch down the center of each petal, at least to look at, my hand got sore pulling the needle through, although the Colonial knots through several layers of wool was harder yet.

To take a hand break, I worked on the first of Shabby Fabrics Wooly Mug Rugs, a new one is available each month, to make for the following month. I just found them, so made the January block to use next February. I did learn a new stitch with this project, the little scalloped edging around the heart, AKA the scroll stitch.

Then, knitting, I am still working on the Feather Chic sweater, started the front, although the back is not done yet. I wanted something I could stick in my purse when I went to Santa Cruz Shakespeare. It was a lovely long weekend spent down there, and we took in three plays, Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet", "Loves Labours Lost", and David Ives' "Venus in Fur". A gem of a company almost in our back yard. While it is only about 30 miles away, we opted to spend the weekend there. Along with theatre, we discovered Kelly's French Bakery, the Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard tasting room, and rediscovered Lundberg Glass studio. All in all, a lovely weekend.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Sitka Quilt top and other things

A long time ago, the June before our 25th wedding anniversary, and we just celebrated 36 years of wedded bliss, Paul and I went on a cruise to Alaska. I went to as many quilt shops as I could find, and in beautiful Sitka I found this quilt kit. It languished, as so many of my kits do. I got it cut out a few years back, and it continued to languish. Recently I started using it as leader/enders for other projects. It finally got to the point where I said, let's just finish it! So, I got it to the top stage yesterday, finishing just after midnight. The kit even came with backing and binding! So the next step is basting it. That might take a while to get around to.

Also last week I got the August blocks finished for Patchwork Barn. With the picture I can start assembling some of the columns, it is a strippy quilt.

The Quilt Pattern Magazine recently started a new Block of the Month-My Favorite Things. It is essentially a small-ish Redwork quilt, but I am doing mine in blue. I thought about using just white Kona as the background, but didn't like it after I started it. Then I thought grey! I noticed a wonderful piece of grey background, so I am using it. I am not sure what I got it for originally, but this won't take too much of it. The first two blocks are done now, waiting for the next installment in September.

And I finished Ulysses by James Joyce! We still have a few more meetings of the discussion group, so I will review the chapters for that, but actually, I think the earlier chapters make more sense once you have read the later ones.
The Feather Chic sweater is coming along, the back is about 2/3 done now. I am trying not to cast on anything else until this is done. Although I really want some socks on needles. But I have been resisting the temptation, so far.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Tuesday update - 14 August 2018

The big news this week is that I finished my "Goblin King: a Labyrinth quilt"!

This was a quilt along with Fandom in Stitches 2017. I wanted the black fabric to look like a stone wall, and the walkway to be pebbled. Thanks to Lori Kennedy's tutorials (The Inbox Jaunt), I think I succeeded.

I am still working away on the Moon Garden BOM, and got month four done over the last couple of weeks:

This is a Primitive Gatherings/Lisa Bongean BOM. I just got month 5 in the mail, but won't start it until I get caught up (again) with the Patchwork Barn BOM. Cutting out the rest of August's blocks now.
Then I have been knitting. I finally finished the scarf I have been working on for months, off and on, mostly off. This was the leftover yarn from my Old Shale Shawl I made last year, using a Caron Big Cake (Blue Macaron).

And I finished a pair of simple socks. These were knit on size 00 needles, using a skein of Opal's Harry Potter yarn (Harry and Ron colorway) from a long time ago. It was released along with the Goblet of Fire movie. I still have several skeins to go.

I have been trying to make my way through James Joyce's "Ulysses", hence all the handwork, my book club meets this Thursday, one long chapter to be discussed, so more knitting in my future. I read about the chapter, then listen to the chapter, sometimes following along in the book, sometimes doing handwork. It has been on my bucket list, but I will be so glad when I am done! Currently knitting on my Feather Chic sweater (cast on this week).

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Tuesday wrap-up, just plugging away 7/31/2018

Not much finished this week, although I did do a lot of quilting on my Labyrinth quilt. The final border is being quilted now, so hopefully next week you can see the finished quilt. Meanwhile, here is a bit of the quilting detail:

This was a quilt-along from Fandom in Stitches in 2017. They are currently running a UFO finishing QAL, so this is my UFO. The brick quilting was inspired by a tutorial from Lori Kennedy's The Inbox Jaunt blog.

I did finish a couple of quick pillows, panels were pre-embroidered, and man did that fabric ravel! They are two sided, each with a hummingbird on one side and a dragonfly on the other. The plan is to put them in the new guest room, with the quilt in back of them on the bed.

Went to see "In the Heights" at City Lights on Sunday, so good!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

A Bit of This and That - Tuesday 7/24/2018

My husband and I had an eventful day 36 years and a week ago, we got married. Last Tuesday we celebrated our anniversary. And then on Saturday we attended the wedding of a dear friend. My son and younger daughter both came home for the wedding, so that was nice. And the older daughter and her husband came to dinner so we could all visit. A lovely weekend. The picture is me and mine, 36 years ago, photo by my Dad.

This week I was trying to make a dress to wear to the wedding, but it was not to be, here is the mock-up, so far.

With only three unique blocks to go for Patchwork Barn, it was fairly easy to figure out next month's assignment. I used these blocks as leader/enders when working on the dress.

And finally, got started on the Moon Garden BOM, this is month 4, so far. I am listening to Ulysses while stitching. I will finish the block before finishing Ulysses, so I better prep another handwork block after this one is done!

I also read Hadrian's Wall, which made me want to go visit it! Another thing to add to the Great Britain tour.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Up to date on Patchwork Barn BOM

I can stop stressing about being behind on the Quilt Show BOM - Patchwork Barn, all caught up as of today!
June blocks were pretty straight forward, except for keeping those stripes aligned correctly!

The rail fence as one of the July blocks was perfect for using as a leader/ender for the other blocks. I used a wide variety of fabrics for those. I have decided I am not a fan of directional background fabric! I changed out the one used for block 19 (middle row) so I wouldn't waste fabric.

In addition to working on quilt blocks, I went to a Stitch n'Bitch for Ren Faire garb. Making doublets (and making your own pattern from a book, at least) and modifying some existing gowns and kirtles was the order of the day. I mostly just helped here and there. I also worked on making me a working woman's skirt, hopefully can show that next week!