Thursday, July 31, 2008

SBS BOW F-6 done

Two more blocks are done, including this week's BOW. There are actually two Album block variations in this quilt, the red one is one of them. The other, Mr Lincoln's Platform, was done after I pulled out some hair and came up with a slight cutting out variation. As usual, I cut my templates after drafting it in EQ6. Instead of marking the corners, marking the cutting lines and then cutting, I put some double sided tape on the back of the template, laid my 3.5" ruler's quarter inch line on the seam line and cut. Much easier! I used the same technique with the Album block and it went together very nicely and quickly. Yeah for double sided tape, a much used tool in my sewing bag of tricks. I put a scrap of fabric on the tape so I could store it. There are quite a few blocks that use the same templates.
On the bathroom front, we got our first inspection sign-offs today, a major step forward. Unfortunately, they want larger pipes for the drainage from the shower, a major step back. Not sure how this will be resolved.
On the teaching my daughter to drive, she drove herself to the transit center this morning. We did not go on the freeway, and went early in the morning when there was little traffic, and she did fine. We'll continue this, using the same route, for another week. Then we can go on some more used roads, and finally, work up to rush hour traffic on the freeway (not for a while though). I am not looking forward to the increased gas and insurance costs, but will relish not having to get her at all hours.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Three more SBS blocks

Sunday I went to my small quilt group's get-together and finished three more SBS blocks, Rosebud, Milky Way and Grape Basket. Unfortunately no sewing since then.

The master bath still has no inspections signed off, going on two weeks now. Hopefully the vanity will come in next week, which will be just in time.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Catching Up - SBS, HC Garden and fun

I've managed to finish three more SBS blocks, Mrs. Cleveland's Choice, Orange Peel and Crossed Canoes. Hopefully I can get two more done this weekend, then I will have 40, one quarter of the way there!

Then of course there is High Country Garden, it is Done! Well, almost, it needs a label. I am actually pretty horrible about putting labels on quilts. I do sign them though, with Pigma pen. This quilt has a dark backing though, making signing well nigh impossible. So it needs a label.

While making the SBS blocks I seem to be finishing UFOs. The Cube Lattice isn't really a UFO, more of a scrap buster, but the border fabric is now pressed and ready for cutting. Sunday's task. Then I just pulled out another UFO from ancient days (1993 to be more precise). I got its border cut today, and the backing (same fabric).

Along with quilting I have been taking my DD out to learn to drive. She is getting better, but we only have about 4 hours behind the wheel, at least recently.

The bathroom is coming along, tile should go up this week. I've been using EQ to generate the tile layouts. Works pretty well.

Then we had some fun and went to see Carrie Fisher in her one woman show, Wishful Drinking. A hoot. Then we went to Foothill Musical Theatre and saw "Pajama Game". I've never seen it before, but recognized several of the songs. Loved it.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Remodeling Bathroom

After living in this house 16 years, we are finally remodeling the master bathroom. It hasn't been high on the priority list, but it has been on the list. We did the kid's bathroom first, which was also the bathroom used by guests. The half bath was a dark hole (IMHO) off the laundry room, not where I wanted to send guests, or even use myself. When we remodeled the kitchen, we also did the half bath and the laundry room. Now it is our turn. Unfortunately, it is rather inconvenient while it is going on. So far demolition has occurred, and the shower (no tub) has been roughed in, along with a little corner seat, and the morter/cement that defines the slope to the drain. This morning we bought stuff, actually, we've been buying stuff all week. We signed a contract with the remodelers on Monday, and they started on Thursday. We have had the tile for the bathroom for a while (late last year), just nobody to do the job. I had picked out cabinets then as well, but didn't order them until Tuesday. That will be our long pole, I believe. Today and yesterday were bathroom lights, toilet, shower sprays, faucets, towel rods, etc. I think most of the design decisions are now done. Hopefully the cabinet comes in a little early, but I am not counting on it. I am just glad we have another bathroom to use while this is going on!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

SBS Update

I haven't updated this for a bit, and have two more SBS blocks done, last week's BOW was Chicago Pavements (E-3) and this week's is Dutchman's Puzzle (I-3). I tried a different way to do Flying Geese, which is a good way, but for which I need to improve my execution, especially pressing. Maybe I should do the block again and use a darker blue the next time. We'll see.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

HIgh Country Garden Quilted

I just finished quilting my High Country Garden. Now need to do some Cinderella’ing and get my cutting table cleared off. It is just amazing how quickly a clear surface accumulates “stuff”. That will be Monday’s task. The binding fabric is in the storage container. While I am cutting I should cut the borders for the Cube Lattice. After the binding and borders are on (or at least cut), I’ll see if I have enough leftovers to piece a back for the Cube Lattice. (Both of these quilts were made with mostly the same fabrics.)
One of the things on the cutting table is my light box. I got it down to trace some appliqué blocks for Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler. I’ve been listening to The Master Quilter as I stitch and just came to the part where Agnes lists the blocks she made (at least some of them) for Sylvia and Andrew’s quilt. Since I want to make it wider (to fit my bed) I pulled out my copy of the book and added the blocks not already in the quilt into my EQ project. Several of them are appliqué. Most of them I don’t have already drawn. So, I’ve been creating a Bridal Wreath block from a quilting stencil of the same name. I haven’t done much appliqué drawing, so this has been a learning experience. One of the blocks was a Whig Rose. This is one that will be tricky to make in a 6” block, at least the versions I typically think of as a Whig Rose. Maybe Agnes had a simpler version in mind? One of the additional blocks was Castle Wall, one of my favorite blocks, it will definitely get added. :)

Friday, July 4, 2008

Quilting High Country Garden

I started quilting the High Country Garden quilt today. I got the quilt stabilized (stitch in the ditch between blocks), and the black outlined as well, then began quilting in the block. I got one block done before I had to go to work. But at least I have an idea on how to quilt it now. Except the border, still need to decide on that. It is a busy floral, so it won't show, but I need something!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

SBS BOW A-4 posies round the square

I think that Posies Round the Square was my hardest block so far. You wouldn't think it to look at it, but curves are not my favorite thing to do, and this applique was tiny. And it has been too long since I did any applique too. I traced around the patterns Jennifer provided, and added the applique as back-basting. I machine pieced the basic block and hand appliqued the posies.

I finished the other two blocks late last week, but didn't post them then. These were both paper pieced, so not too bad.