Sunday, January 30, 2011

Civil War BOW #5 Kansas Troubles

Kansas Troubles certainly was trouble, why do I have such trouble with this block, always seem to use that seam ripper way more often than I should! But it is done, and done is good!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Yellow Brick Road baby quilt

I've been working on another baby quilt this week, another Yellow Brick road. This one was done with Moda's Bliss fabric, which I think will coordinate nicely with the bedding selected by her parents (yes, a baby girl!). Been piecing the backing using the leftovers from the front, this one is a modified log cabin with varying log widths. Just one more log to add, then baste and quilt.

Texas Tears - week 4 Barbara Brackman's Civil War Quilt

Another not so easy block to cut, although piecing was pretty easy. This is essentially a block worked on a 6 unit grid, which doesn't convert to 8" very precisely. I used EQ to create templates, marked the sewing line and then sewed it. Very similar to a block in Jane Stickle's quilt, done during the Civil War.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Stars for a New Day begun

In 2009, The Quilt Show had a block of the month that I loved, Stars for a New Day, designed by Sue Garmon. I gathered fabric for it (initially from stash, but supplemented), but had too much on my plate to actually start it. But I saved the patterns for it and looked at what other people were doing, and now I am actually starting it!

Mine will be blue and white. The setting triangles were my starting point for fabric color. This is my first feathered star, and I must say that Sue Garmon's instructions made it pretty easy, relatively speaking

Civil War BOW #3 Seven Sisters

Imagine my surprise when I saw the BOW for this week! so far, the BOWs had been pretty simple piecing, no sweat to add to my things to do list. This week was not so simple, seven tiny-ish stars to applique. It is done.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Civil War North Star - block 2

Barbara Brackman posted her second BOW this morning, and I made it this afternoon. (link to her page on the side)
Once again I used Marti Michell templates, B-8 (4" square for center), B-12 (2" square for corners), B-11 (4" quarter square triangle) and B-13 (2" half square triangle).

Cut one B-8, 4 B-11 (background), 4 B-11 (background) and 8 B-13 (star points) (4 are hiding)

Assemble flying geese units, pressing towards star points
Assemble rows, pressing away from flying Geese unit, then stitch rows together (I pressed away from the center row)
Two done!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Civil War Quilt

Barbara Brackman is starting a new Block of the week on her blog, I debated about starting it, my Civil War fabric was hard to get to, then I stumbled across a stack of Mary Koval for Blank Quilting fabric from 2007 - and it spoke to me. I did add the red fabric (an old Elly Sienkiewicz Baltimore Beauties) that I have had for a while. Eventually things work!
This is block #1, Catch Me if you can. The blocks are 8", I used Marti Michell templates B-11 and B-13, assembling it in quarters, then stitching the quarters together, and finally, the block.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Gingko Leaves

My first machine applique in a long time, mostly pretty good. My thread got caught up and caused some puckering in part of it, need to watch for that in the future. This is a pattern from Jill Rixman ( that I have had for years. I love the look of Japanese Kamon in applique, also love gingko leaves. Ginko leaves are also popular in the Arts and Crafts movement, which is another favorite of mine.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

"Plaid" quilt

A quilt for my grandson who wanted a green and black plaid quilt. You think this will work? so far it is just a top, not sure if I will quilt it or send it out to a long arm quilter. Still need to figure out backing, but it will be a wool batting (have a roll of that). It is roughly 90" x 100" and will have a 1/2" black binding when done (sashing is also 1/2"), I think. Might do the green in a skinnier binding.

new sewing room

All of the pieces are in my new sewing room! Not all organized, but they are here. Got the Kvartal room divider up today that will hold quilts to be photographed or a felt design wall (as needed).

Bernina 630 and computer center - up until recently this was the only sewing station in here.

But now I have a new sewing cabinet, delivered shortly after Thanksgiving, which houses my Bernina 200. I haven't been sewing on it lately since I hated moving it in and out of the Koala cabinet, now I don't have to do that anymore. I have the center of the Quilt Show 2009 block of the month cut out and ready to sew next to the machine. I want to get it done this year!
Then I have a prep table, with a pressing board for preparing applique ala so many people! Pearl Pereira, Karen Kay Buckley, and me . Want to get back to that too. Pearl's Christmas Baltimore is waiting for me to start! Before that I am going to practice on a block with larger pieces, a gingko leaf design by Jill Rixman, a designing woman. Pearl's pieces are small, want to practice first!

A Christmas present was the TV that is now mounted on the wall, can be swiveled to watch at different places, and has a Wii attached (so I can exercise in here too!) I had to move a few things around to make room for that, but think it will work out great. The Wii Fit platform is stored under the Hemnes cabinet to the left of the TV. You can also see a few more plastic storage boxes that didn't fit into the storage cabinets, more under the prep table too. Need to use up some fabric before I can get anymore!

The outside entry to this room, still need to clean up the stuff in the driveway (which you can't see, thank goodness) and my corner cabinet.
The armoire that is now holding clothing fabric and large bits, lots of backgrounds, but a few other things too. On top is more storage, the lightbox should get moved to the applique prep area, where it will be used.
And finally, the cutting table, pretty large, so now I can cut out clothes! Not making too many right now, as I am also trying to lose weight. 35 pounds are gone, at least another 30 to go. Once they are gone I will see where I am size wise. Weight Watchers, in case you are wondering. A bit stalled over the holiday season, but with the New Year I am re-motivated to get rid of this excess flab.