Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Farm Girl Vintage

Last year I took a BOM class at the Granary in Sunnyvale. We really worked on more than one block a month, making Farm Girl Vintage by Lori Holt. I finished up the quilt last December.

Quilted in an allover design on my DMS.

Last year was travel, this year, not so much

In 2016, I traveled through 12 states in my 2008 MDX. I don't drive much while at home, but on the road I put on over 20,000 miles, driving most of it myself. After Empty Spools, I traveled around the Bay Area doing the Shop Hop by the Bay, picking up Row by Row Experience Home Sweet Home packets (mostly kits, some patterns), then a bit of an extended local collection trip (or two). Then my husband and I traveled to Salt Lake City for the ABANA conference. While he was busy with that, I went on my own shop hop, and visited a friend up in Logan, Utah, collecting more rows as I went. Then in August, my sister and I traveled the western states, going through California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada, before returning home to California. I went to a John Flynn retreat while there.

We worked on three projects. I have finished one of them (the Arabic lattice in red and black).

I collected Home Sweet Home rows as we went, now have to finish some of them. I figure I will get several quilts from the 100 or so rows I collected. I collected themes, including one which will have one from each state I visited on my travels. More on those later.

Then in October/November I went to Houston Texas, driving all by myself. I visited friends along the way, and saw more of the western US, but I did not collect too many more rows. this was another loop,
to see different things coming and going.

This year I am trying to finish things, we will see how that goes. So far, I have finished five quilty things:

The Arabic Lattice (above)

Charlotte Angotti's Let me Surprise You class from 2010

a small wool pin holder from a Lumenaris kit

My Celtic Solstice inspired Autumnal Equinox

And my Candy Cauldron!