Sunday, August 31, 2008

Brett Lazzeri

Brett was my son's friend first, then my daughter's, along with a lot of other people's. Everybody loved Brett, and he was out there enjoying life and helping others along the way. Tragically, Brett was caught between a van and a car, when the van was hit by a pickup truck and died as he was helping a friend fix a flat tire. He was only 21. Today (Saturday) was his memorial, and the church was packed with people that called him their friend. He will be missed by many, including me, and my family.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

SBS Progress

After finishing the last August "BOW" I found out about the SBS Offline Quilters yahoo group. They have challenges too! I had already done B-2 Gulf Star, but I did B-9 Irish Chain, E-6 Jack in the Pulpit, G-1 Love in a Mist, and M-4 Jack in the Box for their August Challenge. I have one more to go from their list. I also did K-1 Road to Oklahoma just because. So up to 52 blocks done!
On the bathroom front, we are waiting for the last part of the vanity, the counter top and the shower door. Some day I will have a lovely new bathroom, but not quite yet.
In between watching the Olympics, I went to see Bottle Shock, the story of Napa wineries going up against French wines and beating them in the 1970s (1976?). Anyway, it makes me want to take a trip to Napa again, haven't been in a while. I don't think I have ever been to Chateau Montelena or Stag's Leap, although I have had their wine. They won the white and red contests, respectively.
Today was a fun day, went to the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco to see the Chihuly exhibit, quite grand. Not so sure I liked his glass forests, but liked the underwater feeling from one of the rooms, where the glass ceiling was full of his team's work. After that we drove to Half Moon Bay (actually Princeton by the Sea) and had dinner. a lovely dinner. Very nice day with DH.

Friday, August 15, 2008

August SBS blocks plus one

There were two blocks for August instead of a block per week, both to do with Friendship. I decided to to Grace's Friendship (G-6) block first, expecting it to take longer than the other one (K-2 Friendship Quilt). It did. I used the back basting method which works great when you have lots of tiny things to line up. After basting I marked just into the seam line so I could see where I needed to turn. I might take off the light green tree top and make it lighter, but right now it is done. I don't have a lighter green in my pile of fabrics that I am using, so will need to audition some from my stash before moving forward with that plan. Meanwhile I will make a few more blocks from the BOW list that were done before I started. Up to 46 blocks done now!

Picked up the farm share today, a family share. I think I will have to try and get a small share next season, lots of food. I gave some of the lettuce to the guy who is working on my bathroom. We had taco salad for dinner, which used up the last of last week's lettuce, plus a bit from today. We got Arugula, Broccolini, Cilantro, Green beans, Kale (Red Russian), Lettuce, Peppers (sweet), Potatoes, Radishes, Spinach, Tomatoes, Strawberries, and Golden raspberries. I am still trying to find Arugula and Kale recipes that we like, although DD says I made something with Kale before that she loved. Need to figure out what that was!

Staying up way too late watching Olympics!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bathroom remodel

The walls are painted and the tile now has grout! We have to wait for the quarter rounds, but so far looking pretty good. We picked up medicine cabinets today. We wanted tall ones, and had to look far and wide to find some taller than 26", but DH found some today. Then there is the vanity. Another setback, looks like one of the boxes got dropped on its head. Don't know who did it, but it looks broke. New one will take two weeks to get.

On the sewing front, still working on Graces Friendship block, one more figure and one more tree to go.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Life is moving right along

First, the bathroom. Major progress has been made, along with a slight (?) problem. We are working on the tile now, which is looking pretty good. But when we got the tile last November DH inventoried against the labeled box contents instead of the order form, and we got the wrong edge pieces, framing tiles instead of quarter rounds. This tile (wall) took over a month to get. We brought it back to the place we got it and they are going to call on Monday to find out how quickly we can get it replaced. Our vanity has arrived, we just need to pick it up. We found a hand shower that we like to go along with the "normal" shower. And I picked out paint yesterday.
I've mentioned before getting a farm share when my friend was out of town (we got her's), well we got off the waiting list and onto the normal list (YEAH!) This is an organic farm, and things are just fresher than you get in the grocery store. Just wish I could get the extra fruit option, oh well.
I have one more block done in Sylvia's Bridal Sampler, E-9 Queen Charlotte's Crown, and working on Grace's Friendship Block.
DD is driving better, still no freeways, and parking is a bit uncertain too when there are other cars to avoid.
DH and I went to see Romeo and Juliet at Shakespeare Santa Cruz and DD and I went to see Pajama Game, so a theatre focused week.