Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sylvia's Bridal Sampler BOW and more

I was working on Robbing Peter to Pay Paul when the BOW came out, so I finished it before doing Trip Around the World. Trip was paper pieced, so pretty easy. I appliqued the curves on Robbing Peter ... then machine pieced the four squares together. Swamp Patch was rotary cut, machine pieced, and Bow Tie was templates, machine pieced. Quite a variety of techniques in these four!

DH and I braved the heat yesterday and went to the Mountain View Art and Wine. I picked up a Christmas present and a glass figurine of a Dragonfly on reeds. Lots of dragonflies in my new bathroom, which still needs a vanity and the edge tile and a shower door. Sigh, one of these days. Hopefully the vanity will be done this week. We went hoping to find Kyle Designs there, no joy. But I did find her website and ordered some bamboo design faceplates with white background and antique silver overlay (instead of the black and gold shown).

Still striving to eat more veggies. The CSA family share is huge! I need to figure out something to do with all of the apples we have been getting lately. I did a spinach and basil cottage cheese sort of pesto last night, mixed with whole wheat penne pasta and cooked broccoli from a Moosewood cookbook. It turned out excellent. Tonight will be eggplant somehow, debating between Ratatoullie (sp?) and eggplant parmesan. The Ratatoullie might win, no baking involved!

My son came home for a week so he could go to Brett's memorial. Didn't actually see him much, but he mostly slept here. We did get family portraits taken before he left. It had been about 16 years since our last family photo shoot, so about time. Maybe one of them can be used here so people can see what I look like. We had a large BBQ on Labor Day, mostly friends of Tom and Brett. We got to visit with Brett's family and get to know them a bit, that was nice. Lots of Brett stories were told that day.

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