Sunday, April 18, 2010

Catching up with Farmer's Wife Sampler Blocks

The week I really started getting behind was with Wood Lily, BOW #22. It got started with paper piecing, then I didn't like the fabrics and restarted with templates.

The following week (BOW #23) was Spider Legs, and I still didn't have Wood Lily done. Wood Lily got done on 4 April, then Spider Legs on 11 April.

BOW #24 was Buzzard's Roost, which I had already done (Yeah!)
BOW #25 was Northern Lights, finally a nice easy block! It got done on 4 April, before I started Spider Legs in catch-up mode.

BOW #26 was Flower Pot, also finished on 11 April. This used templates, all those unusual shapes made me do it.

BOW #27 was Garden Path, finished on 17 April 2010. Marti Michell templates.


Pat from FL and MI said...

I love these blocks. The Farmer's Wife might have to go on my someday list!

MandaBurms said...

I'm looking at doing the Farmer's wife with Marti templates. do recommend buying all of the templates or did you end up using only some?
Thank you