Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sewing room status

I was hoping the new sewing room would be farther along than it is by now, but I do have a sub-floor.
There has been progress, from DH old shop, where the remnants have been staying for a while, and this was taken after a concerted effort to get the junk out!

to a mostly cleared out garage

To a room with windows instead of garage doors

To insulation under the flooring (which isn't there yet!) This picture was taken from the corner where an outside door will be, so friends can come over without tromping through the house. The opening into the house isn't there yet, but will be next to the utility room (in the sewing room).

This is the current state of the room. You can see a new wall, one of two, that will be built to enclose the heater and water heater (aka the utility room). The hanging silver ventilation ducts will be providing heat and air conditioning to the new room.

As you can see, there is still a ways to go! Walls, a hole punched through to the house and made into a door, one of four new doors in this space, a ceiling, flooring, and more electrical work, among other things.
Then comes the furnishing. It will get the furniture from the old sewing room, but also needs storage cabinets. I am still trying to decide what to put where. The long wall without windows will be the primary storage wall, with sliding design walls in front of shelving. My Koala sewing table will be against the new wall (small window to my right as I am sitting at the sewing machine). I want to put wall cabinets above it (like I had in the old sewing room), with under cabinet lighting. That worked well before. I know basically what I want, but not where to get it! Still deciding on that.


Kathy Walker said...

I think the new room is looking great, I know it is happening too slowly for you to be happy, but hey you are a heck of a lot closer to your new sewing room now then you were last summer. It is going to be a wonderful space that you will enjoy for years, well worth the wait.

ConnieB/CA said...

You are right of course. I am so lucky to be getting it at all, really. I could have just toughed it out for another year, then gone back into the room that DS will be leaving when he moves out for good (and least that is my expectation). It will be much grander than I really need, but will be lots of fun to have :)