Sunday, September 5, 2010

Farmer's Wife Sampler - 96 done now!

Three of these I finished last weekend, and three I finished today.
67 Pine Tree was done with paper piecing.

74 Ribbons - used marti Michell templates, trimming a rectangle to get the paralleogram. I pressed the lighter parellogram out, and the darker one in, so that piecing them together went together pretty easily.

76 Sawtooth - Paper pieced

77 Seasons - debated about templates, but went with paper piecing.

98 Waterwheel - Marti Michell templates

99 W.C.T.U (Women's Christian Temperance Union) - Cut with Marti Michell Templates.


Mary said...

I got the list of how to do the Farmer's Wife with Marti's Templates. Still dreaming on this one... memories and nightmares from the SBS are still with me. I need to NOT start another long term project. But I am being tempted seeing your FWS.

ConnieB/CA said...

It is fewer blocks than SBS... and easier ones too. (Am I tempting you yet?) Although after I finish the two small block samplers I am working on, I am taking a break from them. (I am also working sporadically on Civil War Diary with friends.)