Sunday, February 6, 2011

Richmond - Civil War BOW

Have I mentioned how much I love EQ? Without it, this block would never have come out as good as it is. A nine patch in 8" does not come out evenly! EQ templates are perfect, so after pulling the Richmond block into my project, I printed templates and used them for cutting. Since this is just squares and triangles, it is easy enough to piece without marking seam lines, so I put double sided tape on the back of the templates, laid the quarter inch line of the ruler on the seam line and cut out two or four pieces of fabric at a time (except the center, only needed one of those!). I layered the red and cream right sides together before cutting so they were ready to sew. I did trim the triangle tips with a Marti Michell triangle to make it easy to line up the triangles with the four patches.

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