Sunday, November 20, 2011

"Bard Babes: and other things

Today was a good day, no a fabulous day. The only thing that will make it better is sewing a bit this evening. After a late night sewing, I slept late, then after a leisurely morning, DH and I ventured over the hill to see Robin Goodley Nordlii in the self-written "Bard Babes". What fun! From Prologue to Warm-up to Pleading to Curtsies to Swooning to Cross-dressing, and I am sure I forgot some, it was a hoot, things an actor must be able to do when being a Bard Babe. Only wish my daughter was there too. After that it was downtown to do a bit of shopping. Unfortunately, the shop we were hoping to go to was closed, permanently. Fortunately, there were other equally good shops close by! Then to wonderful dinner on the coast, watching the sunset from our table. Oh, and I slept late because last night was "Santaland Diaries" at City Lights Theatre Company, another fun night, and a friend in the lead role - go Adam!

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