Friday, December 16, 2011

Asian Mill Girls a top

I need a better name for this quilt, but right now it is temporarily dubbed the Asian Mill Girls quilt (top). I got the borders on tonight, now waiting for the backing fabric to come, probably not until 21 Dec . On the plus side, I dropped "A Wild and Crazy kinda Quilt" at the longarmer's today, and they promised to have it done before Christmas. It might need the binding still, but DD will be able to open it on Christmas. The wool batting will be nice, it snowed on her the other day, and we don't get much of that where we live.


jofridsquilt said...

The quilt looks wonderful. Congratulation on the finish. Hugs Jofrid

ConnieB/CA said...

Thank you! DH loves it, I love it, hope DS loves it.

Sharon said...

Beautiful job! I love the prints!