Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cornucopia of Thanks - sashing in progress

I still have two more blocks to make, but they will be hand pieced and are waiting for "hand work time". Meanwhile I have been stitching sashing. I have it broken into about 6 types, cornerstones done, horizontal inner sashing done, vertical inner sashing done, still left the blended sashings (horizontal and vertical) and the final outer sashing that is only half the width. The inner sashing is directional fabric, just to make things fun . This is a stash quilt, and I didn't have enough fabric to make all the sashing the same, so it is two different greens. They are the third and fourth fabrics from the left in the picture in the last post. The first two will be borders, along with one other fabric, not sure what yet. here is the whole design wall - and here is a look at how it looks when sashed. Blocks are 12", sashing is 6".


Cyn ;-) said...

What a pretty quilt. Lovely colors. Can't wait to see the next 'segment'.

ConnieB/CA said...

Thanks, just getting back from vacation, so will be getting back to this pronto!