Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Some catch-up

I have been woefully neglecting the blog, Facebook struck, sorry. Lots has happened over the last couple of years, most notably, I retired, so have more time for my quilts and knitting and other stuff too. And I have forgotten how to edit HTML, will have to relearn that!

I worked faithfully on my Loyal Union Sampler until I got all of the blue and yellow blocks done,

I am now assembling them, picture soon.

I am trying to get some UFOs done, so I took a long arm class at the Tech shop, and plan on quilting some quilts there. But I also bought a Bernina 830 which is wonderful for quilting bigger quilts easier. I have been pouring over my quilting books (vice piecing books) and have gotten a few small things done. Meanwhile I am just about done with this quilt:

and finished these two:

More later, I have more tops done, and some knitting too :)

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Mamoose said...

Hi Connie,
So sorry to contact you here, but just in case you haven't seen my message, I left one on Ravelry for you regarding some yarn. Thought I'd try you before having to buy another dye lot ball from someone else. :-) Beautiful work you have on here, by the way!! Thanks, Heather.