Friday, April 22, 2016

LUS assembly progress

A sneak peak of my progress so far with my Loyal Union Sampler assembly.

Assembling is slow going, especially when I can't find a block. Last night I had to take the ripper to some bordering, and now I can't find it! Column 6 is underway. Of course I didn't get enough white to do this layout, so now I am on the hunt to match the original fabric. Kona cotton should not be that hard to find, will bring a piece to the fabric store instead of guessing.


Mary said...

Good luck finding that Kona Cotton. I used to buy mine at Hancock Fabrics. Sad they have closed all their retail stores. I like how the blocks are floating on the white. Glad you found your Castle Wall Block.

ConnieB/CA said...

Thanks Mary - I have found Kona Cotton, but can't match my "white". Maybe it wasn't Kona after all. I bought it several hundred miles away, the end of the bolt, before I started this back in 2013, so hard to remember exactly what it is. But it looks and feels like Kona.