Monday, December 24, 2007


Just spent a few hours organizing machine embroidery thread. It was organized once, then I bought more thread. I like to keep it by color rather than by number, so it required lots of thread moving to get things back in "order". I decided to order it by the color chart. Then I have an excel spreadsheet with box order and number order sorts so I can find a color by number. I now have almost seven boxes of Isacord, plus DMC (all or almost all of the colors), and several madeira colors for the Marine Comfort Quilt service logos.

One more light house done too.

Still can't find the handbag pattern I want to make again. Looks like it won't be a Christmas gift after all :(

Tried a new fish recipe tonight that was well received. This was a lot lower fat than my normal fish fry, sauteed onions, green pepper in a little bit of olive oil, added a can of tomato juice, some oregano, parsley and a little salt, brought to a simmer and added the fish fillets. Covered and let cook. Served with brown rice and green beans. I was requested to make it again :)

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