Wednesday, November 12, 2008

PIQF and Knitting

I've been busy, but not blogging. First off, the Pacific International Quilt Festival, aka PIQF, I went for four days and took four classes. Consequently I did not spend a lot of time on the show floor. I did see some fabulous quilts, and spent a bit of money (mostly thread) and used the thread in several classes. I took two from Marjan Klupfel, did some thread painting in one (the tree is free hand), and used Angelina in another (the wings), and some of the precious SkyDyes I have been hoarding for a few years. I want to to get the dragonfly quilt done and put it in the bathroom. I picked the fabrics to go with the tile. Now that I have finished a couple of weekends of quilting away from home, my sewing room is a disaster. Things got pulled out and then more stuff and more stuff. I need to spend some time putting away.
But, meanwhile, I have been knitting. It is easier to sit in my Laziboy and knit than clean up the sewing room. I knit a scarf for one daughter and am working on another one for the other daughter. I have been knitting on my shawl, and I made a mini sock in preparation for making socks with Opal yarn designed with Harry Potter characters in mind. Now I am obsessed with making socks. Of course, I have only made the mini one so far, and a few rows of a dark gray practice pair of socks, but I have been cruising the internet looking at sock yarn. It is fabulous. But I need to finish the projects I have started before starting any more. I don't want to end up with as many knitting UFOs as I have quilt UFOs.
Speaking of quilt UFOs, I have another one. I went to a mystery quilt get together on Sunday, and came home with a partially completed set of blocks, lots of quarter square triangles. I think it will be a nice patriotic lap quilt when done.
A friend lent me her swifter and ball winder, so I have been winding yarn tonight, including the last of the shawl yarn, and some Commotion by Classic Elite Yarn I have had for a few years. It was also for a shawl, and is very close in color to the other one I am making. So, do I need two very similar to each other? Probably not, so what can I do with this yarn instead? No idea, it is a boucle yarn, not really a sweater or clothing yarn. So, don't know. I will wind it, and let it rest a bit.

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