Sunday, June 28, 2009

More SBS blocks

I am getting closer to the end of these blocks. I finished up H-7 Odd Fellow's Chain late last night (or was that early this morning). I rotary cut, machine pieced the corners, but paper pieced the rest.

I did H-8 Pinwheel after finishing up the other three, just so I could say the H row was done . I used Marti Michell templates, or rather, template.
I had been dreading H-10 King's Star, but ended up piecing an eight pointed star (using the MM templates), then making a small pinwheel and appliqueing it to the center of the star. This was similar construction to a couple of Dear Jane blocks. I used a gold silk thread for the applique, and didn't bother to change it, silk blends in so nicely :)
Another block I had been dreading, I-10 Rocky Road to Dublin. I tried to piece it (one of them is pieced), but ended up appliqueing the quarter circles. I used freezer paper, printing them using EQ6. Kept changing my mind on fabrics to use, auditioning several different ones in EQ. The pink almost ended up green. It would have been appropriate I think, but decided I liked the pink better.
At this point I have one more block that I know will be hand pieced, all ready on my layout board, Snow Crystal (one that I added). And one more that will be too, now that I think of it, Tumbling blocks, but then they are getting to the easier (or maybe just quicker) blocks. 128 done, 16 to go!

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Crispy said...

All great blocks Connie. I love how you use different methods to make the blocks.