Saturday, August 15, 2009

Crane Wife done

Been a busy couple of weeks, having fun, working, and, yes, even some sewing. Last weekend (Saturday) I went to see "Julie and Julia", which I thoroughly enjoyed, enough so that I want to try some of Julia Child's recipes. Today I bought both of the books that the film was based upon, and one of Julia's last cookbooks. It does have the Boeuf Bourguignon recipe featured in the movie so much, and I hope to make it this week.

Then Sunday, my son came home. Doesn't sound quite as exciting as I felt, he has been in Iraq for the last six months. We knew he was coming home this month on leave, but didn't know exactly when, so it was a surprise seeing him, a very pleasant one by the way. He went off to surprise his friends (after taking a nap), so we continued on our trip to Santa Cruz for dinner. On the way we discovered a art/wine/craft fair, so stopped for a bit. I found some lovely pottery, bought a vase and a cup/mug for my weekend coffee.

Then we had dinner with a wonderful view of Santa Cruz beach, and the dinner was yummy too. I had salmon with a citrus (lemon) butter sauce, the salmon was grilled perfectly, and the spinach was tasty too.

I also managed to get the binding prepped for "Crane Wife" and the first step of sewing the binding to the quilt. During the week I worked on the binding, finally finishing it today.

Today, DH and I went to see "The Time Traveler's Wife", which we had both read a while back. They did a good job converting from the book to the screen, and the casting was spot on.

After getting back home I made Ratatouille, not from Julia Child, but from The Moosewood Cookbook, and polenta. None left, so I guess it was enjoyed.

Then on to pillowcases and a label. The pillowcases are coordinated, but not the same. There wasn't enough fabric for two bodys, but I am happy with the look.

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Crispy said...

Oh I'm so jealous!! You got to see the 2 movies I want to see but the hubby keeps saying "Chick Flick" LOL. You must be a fantastic cook to make those wonderful dishes. I'm just a plain meat & potatoes gal. Love the pitcher!!