Sunday, February 28, 2010

Farmer's Wife Sampler - catching up the blog

While I have been doing a bit on Farmer's Wife Sampler blocks, I have mostly been knitting, and watching the Olympics. Here are the blocks I have finished since I last posted:
35 Flower Basket

36 Flower Garden Path

42 Fruit Basket

48 Homeward Bound 21st BOW - completed 2/28/2010

56 Maple Leaf 19th BOW - completed 2/15/2010

63 Ozark Maple Leaf 20th BOW - completed 2/28/2010

96 - Tulip 18th BOW - completed 2/14/2010

1 comment:

Crispy said...

Lovely blocks Connie. I can understand knitting while watching the Olympics, it's too distracting to sew LOL.