Friday, February 5, 2010

FWS blocks-Honeycomb, Farmer's Puzzle and Wild Rose and Square

Honeycomb was this weeks Block of the Week (BOW). I opted to print templates using EQ6 for this block, after I took out the center seams so two skinny triangles became one isosceles triangle. I made holes at the corner intersections with my 1/16” hole punch in each template. I cut strips first, to slightly wider than my templates. I cut out each fabric piece by placing double sided tape on the back of the paper template, then after sticking it to the fabric, used my rotary cutting ruler (4” square) to cut ¼” from the seam lines. I marked the corners with a pencil (through that hole I punched earlier). I used positioning pins on those points to align the odd shapes and pieced a row at a time, then sewed the rows together. Make sure your seams go in opposite directions from the row above or below and they will nest together nicely when stitching rows together.

I paper pieced Farmer's Puzzle from EQ6 printed patterns.

Not so happy with this block, don't like the fabrics in it, well I do, but they don't have the right values for their positions. I paper pieced it, in rows, and reversed the direction of piecing on each row so the rows nested nicely when stitching them together. That part went well. Sigh...

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