Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Putting in a vegie garden

I haven't had a vegetable garden for many years, but decided that now was a good time to renew that endeavor. With the new front yard we got a 4’ by 8’ raised bed, then DH and I took a garden design class and he built 4 more raised beds. I weeded, then we placed the bed where they will stay and put down landscape fabric and gorilla hair wood for paths and weed control, and filled the beds with topsoil and compost. Last weekend I took a summer vegetable gardening class at Love Apple Farm, and now I am trying to plant plants. So far, 4 tomatoes, a dozen strawberry plants, basil, parsley, mint (in its own pot) and dill. To go, lots. What with working, I don’t have that much time to devote to the garden. At least it is light for a while after I get home! Tomorrow will be bell peppers, eggplant and summer squash. The winter squash will be later, and hopefully it will have enough time to grow to maturity. Next year I will start seeds in February!

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