Sunday, July 24, 2011

Brackman Civil War BOW half done

While I have been more or less keeping up with the BOW, haven't shown them here. First up is #27 Irish Chain:

Next is #28 Next door Neighbor:
Followed by #29 Railroad Crossing - like this block, good option to do a little fussy cutting -
And finally this week's #30 Stars and Stripes
But the reason I named this post "half done" is because I sashed the first 26 blocks (although not #1 - #26) along with two extra blocks!


Donna K from N.TX said...

Your blocks and sashing look great. I haven't decided how I'm going to sash mine yet but I'm having fun making these blocks.

Donna K. from N. TX @

Vickie said...

Oh wow how cool your 26 blocks look all sashed...way to go,cheers Vickie

ConnieB/CA said...

Thanks! It took a while to decide how to sash these blocks, but I am glad I went with what I did.