Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sisters' Outdoor Quilt show

Just got back from a mini vacation up by Sisters, Oregon, where they have an outdoor quilt show the second Saturday in July, and quilt classes the week before. I took my first classes this year, the third time I have attended the show. Barbara Shapel covered several background quilting designs, most of them new to me. Then I took a Lone Star class made from 2 1/2" strips, which left a lot to be desired. I ended up redrafting the design in EQ7 so I could get accurate cutting instructions. Love the design though, and the concept of using some of those strips that we love to buy. Below is my center - still need to add a bunch of borders!
The teacher's quilt is above
The ladies who went to the show with me
Lots of feathered star quilts - I want to make one
also want to make a Castle Wall quilt - these were large blocks!


Mary said...

Lucky you! Your quilt teacher, Colleen Blackwood, was our Guild program last month. She lives just over the Washington/Oregon border from me. She does great quilting and even writes poems, did she share any with you at the class?

ConnieB/CA said...

She didn't share any poems, too bad. Any must see stuff when I head up towards Portland/Mt. Hood? Or is that too far away from you? I know Colleen is more eastern Oregon, and I will be in the west, mostly.