Saturday, July 7, 2012

Another Baby quilt done

This quilt might look familiar because I have made three similar quilts, all one block Lone Stars, all with the same frogs and iguanas fabric, but with some slight variations. I won't be making anymore of these, I finally am running out of the fabric I got at a children's manufacturer's clearance sale. The last two were made using Jan Krentz' big diamond ruler, boy does that make these quick. fabric is Jennifer Sampou's Rain Forest from I don't know when, the background is from 1996. Almost out of it too. I am thinking about a bag for delivering it and subsequent use out of the leftovers. This version is called "What Little Boys are Made of", ~39" x 48". Quilted with an echo pattern in the star, leaves in the background, and outlining the figures/leaves in the border.

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