Monday, July 9, 2012

Craft therapy

Therapy, quilting or otherwise, gotta have it. Last night, or yesterday, or sometime, I was looking at my 2012 quilt goals. They are all to continue working on UFOs. Of course, what I have actually finished this year includes four new quilts, and I have just about got another top finished that I started this year. Right now, however, I have no desire to start a new quilt, but would like to finish some of the quilts I have started that have gotten sidetracked. I will be starting a new quilt in September when Barbara Brackman starts her new BOW, but until then will work on some of my favorite unfinished quilts. What I would like to start is a sweater. I started a swatch for a sweater while on vacation. It did not match the gauge required, and I am not sure how to get there. Yes, I could knit on a larger needle, but think then it will be too big, it isn’t that much smaller than it ought to be. Then there is the fear that it won’t fit. And the fact that I think the yarn is really boring (tan). It will go with lots of stuff, but I don’t want to knit it right now. And I really need to learn how to knit short rows for shaping a sweater before I start a sweater. But on Friday I got some beautiful yarn, Mushishi color 9, a luscious red, from Plymouth Yarn, after looking at the sample the store had for months, and got the pattern for the sample from Ravelry for Bono Kimono, which should be relatively straightforward to make. And since I have never knit a sweater, that would be a good thing. First I will get the borders on the Cornucopia of Thanks and get it to a long arm quilter. Unless I weaken to play with yarn…

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