Sunday, June 16, 2013

Out to Sea progress

I have been working away at the next round, although no blocks are done yet. There will be 16 Ocean Wave blocks in the next border. These blocks have a plethora of Half Square Triangles (HST), 40 units per block plus another 16 small triangles, 4 large triangles and a large center square.
I have been using Marsha McCloskey's method for make batches of HSTs, starting with squares, cutting bias strips, assembling strata and then finally cutting out the HSTs.

I am not done. I need 640 HSTs. I have about 400 done.

Breaking up the cutting a bit, I started assembling the corner units to attach to the center squares.

I've been busy, just not much to show for it yet! This is what it will grow up to be, someday!


Terri said...

You are very ambitious! That is quite an undertaking. Love the colors and the design.

Bunny said...

It's going to be fabulous.

ConnieB/CA said...

Thank you, plodding away on it. so if Esther takes a bit to get Love Entwined out to us, I have a chance of getting this top done!