Friday, August 16, 2013


So now the quandary begins – when to begin on my Loyal Union Sampler quilt. I have been anxiously awaiting this book, which I actually don’t have yet, but will within the week. I also don’t actually have fabrics picked yet, although I do have a border fabric selected so I can choose block fabrics that coordinate with it, and background fabric (white, to be washed and pressed). I also have a few ongoing projects that I would like to see completed, or caught up, before I begin LUS.
1. Love Entwined BOM – would like to be caught up
2. Civil War Stitchin Witches stitch along – this is a mystery BOM, but I kind of figured out the mystery, and wanted to be caught up and possibly ahead, at least with blocks cut out, before starting LUS.
3. Album of Quilters – get it quilted! And bound.
4. Quad P – would really like to get this into PIQF, and in order to enter it, need to get it bound and photos taken by early September. Yikes!
5. Other quilts to be quilted – Victorian Wheeling collection sampler, Fourth of July Fireworks quilt, Grandmother’s Choice and Out to Sea, none as pressing as the above, but would like to see them done by the end of the year.
6. Other quilts currently piecing – 8” sampler blocks, as the mood strikes, using leftovers from the Victorian Wheeling collection, lately been doing the SBS BOW (when it is a 4-patch based block) and the somewhat neglected Two plus 2 medallion quilt.
So, right now I will continue with current projects, and keep to my original schedule which assumed I would get the LUS book at the beginning of September. I'll start the BOW prep then, and hopefully only be working on LUS and Love Entwined at that point!
Oh, yeah, I have my grandson's quilt to make by his birthday in January! And I want to use some of the leftovers in LUS.


Mary said...

I know how you feel!!! I am way excited to see the book! I can wait until Sept to start, that is good with me.

Pat from Florida and Michigan said...

That list is small compared to mine. I have so many tops to be quilted.

I'm trying to get things caught up and swaps done before we start LUS.

Kathleen Wilson said...

Well, I guess I can blame you for adding more quilts to my list. Just kidding!! I saw your post about Love Entwined and just had to check it out. Now I'm following you and Esther. I also signed up for the Yahoo group. I'm already in SBS. That's how I found your blog. Thanks for sharing.