Sunday, November 24, 2013

Civil War Legacy in Taupes

This was BOM that I couldn't stop working on, especially as I got close to the end. I did switch out the applique for a Jill Rixman Ginko Leaf design. The quilt pattern was from Kaye England. I used some of the leftover taupes from my Farmers Wife Sampler quilt, and still have a lot left. I did pull some out of the box to make some bags, hopefully for gifts, at least some of them. I hope to make several, number is dependent on how far the fabric stretches :)

Now to baste and figure out how to quilt this beauty. I really like this one a lot!


Anonymous said...

Hmm... maybe I shouldn't have discovered your blog when I did. I really like the way your Legacy quilt turned out, it's a beauty, but now I'm anxious to step up the pace on mine. Guess that I'll just have to start whining pitifully at Susan until she gives me the rest of the instructions. Cross your fingers for me.

ConnieB/CA said...

as I might have mentioned, I suck at mysteries, I want to know what I am doing so I can lay out my fabrics appropriately. I figured out the book used after clue 2... I thought nobody in our group looked at my blog when I posted it here. My bad.

Anonymous said...

lol - It's our secret. I suck at mysteries, too. But I tried very hard not to google Civil War Legacy when Susan mentioned it in the initial instructions. I'm sure I could have found it easy if I'd really, really wanted to.