Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bags, shopping and hand

Sometime late last year a friend of mine was making shopping bags for Christmas gifts. These used a plastic shopping bag (we used Target) as the pattern. I got a pattern from her, but never actually saw one made and never made one either. However, the thought has stayed with me. I use re-usable bags myself, and would like to encourage others to use them as well. Making some for gifts sounds like an excellent idea, but didn't quite get around to it for this year. But, as I was going into our garage for something I happened across a bag of fabric that I was going to get rid of, and it had some large pieces. I thought I could repurpose the fabric into shopping bags and brought it inside. Of course, by now, I had lost the pattern, so I went searching online and found this wonderful example of making a shopping bag. I made three, one with a pocket to fold the bag into, and two without. One went to my DD, and I hope she uses it for shopping.
Now that that little project is done for the time being, I decided to try and finish the handbag I started early this year. I have been wanting a new bag, and even have been looking at them in stores, but couldn't find any I really liked. So instead of shopping, I should have been sewing! This is the Diva Essential Designer Bag, almost done. I modified one outer pocket and added a key holder (swivel ring) inside. You won't see the zipper ends soon, they will be covered and the covering will either velcro or snap together, still debating. I have some magnet snaps that I could use, or the instructions call for hook and loop tape. I have a lot of this fabric left, so might make a wallet to match, someday .
PS: Finished the bag with snaps, picture not available.

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