Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Son's visit is over and I can knit again

My dear Marine son has gone back to NC before deploying. As he was pulling out of the driveway I found shoes, shirt, and jeans that he had left behind and went running to see if he wanted them. He said he’d get them when he came back home again, which won’t be for over a year at this point. After he left I found more stuff. He was the kid who did homework and left it home. He is still leaving things home, guess the Marines haven’t figured out how to get him to check for non-essential things before he leaves a spot. I am sure his rifle will not get left behind though.
I took over the bedroom when he left, more or less, we shuffled things around, so I could have a sewing room, so he stayed in the living room during this visit. I had been spending time in there knitting and watching DVDs, which didn’t happen a lot while he was home. Last night I got to do that again and finished up another dishcloth. That gives me two new ones, enough for the time being. I wasn’t going to start anything new and decided to inventory my yarn stash. Well, while inventorying, I uncovered some pretty yarn I got way back when I first thought knitting could be fun, a blue jeans variegated Cozi yarn (by Caron) and some eyelash yarn that went with it, to be knit together into a scarf. So much for good intentions. I pulled out some size 11 circulars, cast on 20 stitches and started knitting. Not for long because I needed to get up in the morning. The last scarf I knit was also with an eyelash yarn, but the other yarn was a fingering weight. Cozi is bulky, and is knitting up much denser. I only have 150 yards, so this isn’t going to be that long…

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