Monday, December 22, 2008

Knitting Frenzy

I must admit I never thought I would be knitting quite as much as I have been lately. For years I said I didn't like to knit, but then sometime in the last year or so, it has been growing on me. Having a comfortable chair where I can do handwork helps, enormously. The knit gifts are done, not many this year, but that is OK! My black fun fur scarf is done, and I love it. And I have been knitting madly away at a shawl. I started one (a green Homespun), which might get frogged, and then decided that I wasn't that crazy about the way it was turning out, and started another one out of a purple-y Homespun (Barrington). I am two plus skeins into knitting this one, and am ready for it to be done (it will be three skeins long), but it is cozy sitting with it over my lap, knitting and watching TV. Maybe I will get it done before Christmas, then the question is, who gets it? Me or someone dear to me. I have several Cobalt blue skeins to make one for me, maybe a little different, cause while fast, it is getting a bit boring (basic stockinette stitch with a three stitch/three row garter stitch border, done on #15 needles). Once this is done I want to try stockings! Then get back to another shawl, and who knows, maybe even a sweater!

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