Thursday, September 17, 2009

Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Last weekend DH,DD, and I went up to Ashland Oregon for the Shakespeare Festival. As usual, the plays were excellent. I especially liked the new play, Equivocation. It depicts Shakespeare being commissioned to write a play about the Gunpowder Plot, which is not his usual thing, generally histories are not recent. This was really a current event, and he is not sure that what he has been given is actually true. Trying to please King James, Robert Cecil, himself, and his company, without losing his head (literally) was fascinating. Full of relevant Shakespearian quotes, it was a crowd pleaser. We also saw Henry VIII, MacBeth, Paradise Lost and Don Quixote. I liked this version of MacBeth a lot more than the last time I saw it at Ashland. This was at the Angus Bowmer, the older version at the New Theatre, too small a venue and too small an ensemble cast. Peter Macon played MacBeth, does crazy very well (he was Othello last season). Kevin Kenerly (one of my Ashland favorites) played MacDuff.

In addition to 5 plays in three days, DD and I went shopping, we all ate, trying a couple of places we hadn't been to before, Harpers being the most memorable and one we will go back to, and I sewed. I managed to finish two Dutch Treat Blocks, picking that up after a long hiatus.
Butterfly was started a long time ago, and finally finished.
Cherries was started on this trip, and finished too. Both are 6" blocks.


Crispy said...

I would never get my other half to a Shakespeare festival though I would love to do that some day. Your blocks are wonderful, I was admiring the others over at the Applique Cafe. How do you go about increasing the size to 6"? I redrafted them in EQ.


ConnieB/CA said...

I just enlarged them on the copier. Since they start at 4", enlarge them 150% to get 6". I have an all in one printer just so I can do things like this. Much easier than redrafting the applique in EQ. That is one thing in EQ I really need to practice, so maybe I should have. Or not. I'll practice on something I can't enlarge :)