Saturday, October 31, 2009

Boring bits and procrastination

I love making blocks. I love drafting blocks and picking out fabrics. What I don't love is sashing, putting on borders and binding. Oh, and basting isn't much fun either. But in order to get a quilt from concept to finished, you have to go through all the steps, fun and boring. Maybe some of the steps aren't so much boring as scary. Did I measure that border right? Did I measure the quilt that it is to be attached to correctly? You have a nice square (or rectangular) center, and then things go catty-wompus. Today I am trying to get the border on my Double Irish Chain. I had a lot of fun designing it in EQ6, picking out the fabrics, using my new Alto cutting system to cut it (yes, cutting is more fun with the Alto, who knew?), and I had fun seeing it all come together as a top. Then things stalled. I got to the scary part. Hopefully tomorrow you will get to see the completed top, but for now, here is the center.

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Crispy said...

Really pretty Connie!! What do you have planed for the border?