Saturday, October 31, 2009

Famer's Wife Sampler

OK, I know I am starting the Civil War Diary with friends, and I really shouldn't start two new big projects at the same time, and once again, I have. I should be able to do both. CWD will be low key, keeping up with (or maybe slightly ahead of) my small quilt group. And FWS will just be the BOW, at least for now. I bought the book earlier this week. Joined the Yahoo group too. Drafted the whole thing into EQ6. That was my effort to just do it virtually, not really effective. Started thinking about fabrics to use, went through patriotic, 30's reproductions, 1800's reproductions, my leftover Prairie Paisley fabric, batiks, and Christmas, finally settling on Taupes, more specifically, mostly Daiwaibo taupes. Plus a few more thrown in for good measure. This week the BOW was Spider Web. Here it is.

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Crispy said...

Oh man Connie, I've trying to resist buying the Farmer's wife sampler book but I may just have to break down and get it. I know that watching you make them is just going to lure me in LOL. I LOVE your taupe idea, especially the Daiwaibo, my favorites!!