Monday, January 18, 2010

FWS - Bird blocks and BOW #15

Today I managed to get four more blocks done, mostly blocks with bird names (Flock, Hovering Birds, Hovering Hawks) and BOW #15 - Snowball. I am trying to just go in order, more or less, but once I started cutting out Flock (34) I wanted to use those Marti Michell templates again, and the next blocks I could use them for were for Hovering Birds (51) and Hovering Hawks (52). So, bird blocks. These were done with the A set, A2 (large triangle), A5 (square), A6 (small triangle) and one from the C set, C20, the odd shape in Hovering Hawks.

The BOW for this week is Snowball (81), a nice easy block made using our old standbys B12 and B13. They sure get used a lot in this quilt!

Farmer's Wife Sampler - 47 done, 66 to go

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