Sunday, June 19, 2011

Barbara Brackman Civil War BOWs 24 and 25

BOW 24 was Ladies Aid Album, the forerunner of the Red Cross (see the Red Cross peeking out from behind?). These were not standard MM template sizes, so I printed templates from EQ and trimmed the points with MM templates (just love how they match up when you trim them).

BOW 25 is Calico Puzzle. Again, not standard sizes for an 8" block (oh how I wish I had known when we started there would be this many nine patches, I would have modified the blocks to be 9"), so I printed templates from EQ7.
Almost half done!


Yvette said...

Your versions are fantastic.

ConnieB/CA said...

Thanks Yvette. They are fun to do.

ConnieB/CA said...
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