Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Painted Circle Scarf

While sorting out yarn this last weekend I came upon my cache of Lion Brand Homespun yarn that I bought as a newbie knitter. I didn’t pay a lot of attention to Lot number, big mistake! And a lot of the yarn was missing its label anyway. So I have some random skeins, and some colors with 4 skeins each. Anyway, I ran across this one skein that I had started something with, then ripped it out, and I don’t know where its label is and wanted to start something while waiting for my sweater needles to show up, so I started the Painted Circle Scarf from the Lion Brand website. It takes two skeins, but I don’t think a lot change will matter that much in this pattern, or maybe one skein will be long enough (directions were originally one skein). Fairly mindless, like how it is coming so far, but really not a fan of knitting with this yarn. I do like how it feels when knit though!

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