Monday, May 14, 2012

Women of Faith - next WIP

My Women of Faith quilt, aka Women of the Bible Quilt (WOBQ), is my next UFO to see the light of day. Several years ago I went through a yearlong study of women in the bible led by Carol Honderich, and made quilt blocks reflecting something about 81 of these women. The original Women of the Bible quilt, made by Carol, had 53 six inch quilt blocks. As we went along, Carol had some additional blocks based on other women in the same story. I also added a few, and modified a few, to get my quilt to my standard large quilt. The original WOBQ had a grape and leaves appliquéd border. I opted to do a different Celtic Knot border based on a Scarlett Rose design. It got stalled on the appliqué. I pulled it out last night so I can mark the last three borders and get ‘er done. Carol’s patterns can be seen here. Scarlett Rose’ designs can be found here. This picture was taken the last time I worked on it, clearly a ways to go.

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