Sunday, May 13, 2012

Quad P a top!

Not a great picture, but this quilt top is big, about 103" square, and pretty flat considering the angst I was having about block sizes. And the borders! I remarked the red borders a lot, and think I got one of them marked correctly, or maybe not. But it all worked in the end, amazingly. You might have noticed that the border is different than the EQ rendition. Not enough of the dark blue, and this was the original border fabric. Next is figuring out the quilting, but not this week. I want to take it just as a top to an upcoming retreat. Need to get the stuff ready for the retreat next.
This shows the whole quilt, although I think the picture above is better color-wise.


Donna K. from N. Texas said...

A perfect marriage of fabric and quilt top design. Wow.

ConnieB/CA said...

Thank you! Now how to quilt it.