Sunday, October 28, 2012

New York City Vacation - Day 1

On my bucket list was a visit to New York City - checked off. We had quite a busy 6 days there! The first night we just checked into our small hotel/guest house in the West Village and then walked around the area. We also got our Metro Cards for 7 days of unlimited subway and bus use - and we certainly used them a lot! Our hotel was a few minutes’ walk from a subway station, one that had both North/South (Uptown/Downtown) lines and a cross-town line, very convenient. In between the subway and our hotel were several coffee places, we ended up patronizing Think coffee for our afternoon coffee rest. There was also a small convenience store where we got our morning bananas. First thing the next morning we headed over to pick up our New York Passes - which enabled us to get through the rest of our stay without constantly handing over cash - we did that before we left home. I think we saved money, and we definitely went to a lot of things we might have passed on without it. Museum of Modern Art – Spent a few hours here, and once I got to the fourth floor I was glad we had. I got to see one of my favorite pictures - "Starry Night" by Vincent VanGogh!
Then we walked around the area, arriving at Rockefeller Center, so went up to the Top of the Rock. There was a Jimmyjib on the top, waiting for a photo shoot for a promo spot later that day. It was a beautiful day, we could see a long way.
Across from rockefeller Center was Radio City Music Hall. Loved the building art on its side.
Then we walked over to St Patrick's Cathedral - surrounded by scaffolding (there was a lot of renovation work being done all over the city).
We walked up to a craft museum that was featuring tinsel art (think aluminum foil in various colors). I was hoping for quilts, but not to be. That night we went to see "Silence: the musical", a parody of Silence of the Lambs, very funny. And for dinner we went to Guy Fieri's American Kitchen and Bar.

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