Sunday, October 28, 2012

New York City vacation part 4

Day 5: Sunday This morning we took the subway to Brooklyn, specifically to the Brooklyn Bridge stop. We walked down to DUMBO and found Buddy’s for brunch. There was a park along the East river with a carousel. That area also had several art galleries and some great photo opportunities of the NY skyline.
Then we walked over the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhatten. Not a bad walk, but narrow with bicycles and other pedestrians. Then we headed uptown to get tickets to a show, we picked Spiderman at the TKTS booth. Today was our last opportunity to go to the Cloisters, so we hopped on another subway and headed up to the northern edge of Manhatten, almost, the 190th St station. We walked from there through Fort Tryon Park, along the Hudson, very scenic. The Cloisters is a composite of various monestaries, religious artifacts and tapestries. The Unicorn Tapestries are the big draw for me, but there are others as well.
The M4 stops at the Cloisters, so we took that back towards midtown, getting off at Columbia University area and had a snack, then caught the subway back home to drop off the camera before heading back to the Theatre district to see Spiderman. While our seats were in the 4th row, and at the extreme left edge, we could see pretty well. Farther back would have been better. The flying around the theatre encompassed the balcony to the stage, so we twisted a lot! fun show. When it was over we headed to Katz’s Deli for more pastrami sandwiches, actually we shared one, very good¸ and Coney Island beer, a good choice to go with the pastrami sandwich. Day 6: Monday This was our last full day, and most of the things on our list were done. So we decided to do a self-guided walking tour of Greenwich Village. We’d been on its outskirts all week, but hadn’t really gone there. So we used the AAA tour book as our guide and walked around.
We started off in Washington Park, roamed around looking at lots of buildings, including one 10 ½ feet wide, or should that be skinny?
As we roamed around we discovered an Italian restaurant for lunch, some more very good pizza. We also investigated a Public Library, to check-in and get line assignments for our flight the next day. Worked a treat, even got them printed out. We decided we had time to visit one more museum, the Guggenheim, so headed uptown on the subway, and took a bus over to Central park. It had mostly Picasso paintings on display, and being tired, didn’t appreciate it as much as it deserved. The building was a Frank Lloyd Wright design.
After leaving we walked across Central Park, got a little lost (not really lost, just it was wider than we anticipated), and finally found a subway to home.
Our last dinner was at Crispo’s (another Corey recommendation), Italian, delicious, just around the corner from our hotel.

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