Sunday, October 28, 2012

New York City vacation part 3

Day 3:
Dawned gray and dreary, with drizzling skies that opened up later. We got to the Metropolitan Museum of Art before the downpour, and left when it was over.
Our brains were saturated with loveliness.
That evening we went to the Four Seasons for dinner, a disappointment to say the least. I did not like my dinner, left most of it on the plate.
Then we headed over to see “The Heiress” featuring Jessica Chastain, David Straithern, Dan Stevens and others. It was still in previews, and had a few (very few) kinks to work out, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Day 4:
On tap for Saturday was the Food on Foot tour. We headed over to Grand Central Station, the meeting point, got there early so wondered around looking at architecture.
There was a photo shoot in the terminal, a bride with a lovely dress was on the stairs at one end of the terminal.
We met up with Corey, our intrepid tour guide for several hours of good, inexpensive food down in the East village.
Our first stop was dumplings (gyozu or pot stickers). We got a small vegie with whole wheat and shared it. Then on to some of the best pizza I’ve had, artichoke spinach with a creamy sauce, again we shared one slice.

Then we went to This Little Piggie had Roast Beef, we shared a pastrami sandwich on rye with coleslaw (in the sandwich), hand sliced thick slices of pastrami were fabulous.

The Puddin’ Shop was next, with the pudding being rich, and delicious. We shared a small cup that had chocolate and coffee flavored puddin’.

We were still full by the time we got to the hot dog shop, which had quite a variety of dogs, but we passed. Others in the tour enjoyed them.

Our final stop was Veniero’s Pasticceria, we got several small sweets, canolli and tarts and a gluten free, no sugar cheesecake that you would swear wasn’t. We took these home for later, a couple of nice snacks for later.

Corey gave us some recommendations for later that worked out well.
Not having other plans we decided to do the Circle Line twilight cruise, so headed back uptown on the subway to 42nd Street and then a bus to the piers. After getting our tickets we headed over to the Intrepid aircraft carrier museum a pier away.
The flight deck was full of various aircraft including a Lockheed A-12 reconnaissance aircraft, a Blue Angels Hornet, a Tomcat, and others. The hanger deck had even more, with wings up, barely clearing the ceiling. There was a museum on that deck, and a kid’s hands-on area. The kids all looked like they were having a ball. We didn’t have time to see the Enterprise shuttle because we didn’t want to miss our boat. So we walked back to the loading pier and got on the Circle Line boat. We traveled down the Hudson and then up the East River.

We headed back home and tried out the Corner Bistro (burgers and beer) recommended by Corey, a winner. Not being too late yet we decided to go to the Empire State Building.
It doesn’t close until 2am, but the NY sky ride (think theme park ride with moving (stationary) chairs and a large screen) closed earlier, so we did that first. It took us all over NYC, showing us places we hadn’t seen yet. Then to the 86th floor and observation deck. It was cold out there!

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