Thursday, July 31, 2008

SBS BOW F-6 done

Two more blocks are done, including this week's BOW. There are actually two Album block variations in this quilt, the red one is one of them. The other, Mr Lincoln's Platform, was done after I pulled out some hair and came up with a slight cutting out variation. As usual, I cut my templates after drafting it in EQ6. Instead of marking the corners, marking the cutting lines and then cutting, I put some double sided tape on the back of the template, laid my 3.5" ruler's quarter inch line on the seam line and cut. Much easier! I used the same technique with the Album block and it went together very nicely and quickly. Yeah for double sided tape, a much used tool in my sewing bag of tricks. I put a scrap of fabric on the tape so I could store it. There are quite a few blocks that use the same templates.
On the bathroom front, we got our first inspection sign-offs today, a major step forward. Unfortunately, they want larger pipes for the drainage from the shower, a major step back. Not sure how this will be resolved.
On the teaching my daughter to drive, she drove herself to the transit center this morning. We did not go on the freeway, and went early in the morning when there was little traffic, and she did fine. We'll continue this, using the same route, for another week. Then we can go on some more used roads, and finally, work up to rush hour traffic on the freeway (not for a while though). I am not looking forward to the increased gas and insurance costs, but will relish not having to get her at all hours.

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