Sunday, July 6, 2008

HIgh Country Garden Quilted

I just finished quilting my High Country Garden. Now need to do some Cinderella’ing and get my cutting table cleared off. It is just amazing how quickly a clear surface accumulates “stuff”. That will be Monday’s task. The binding fabric is in the storage container. While I am cutting I should cut the borders for the Cube Lattice. After the binding and borders are on (or at least cut), I’ll see if I have enough leftovers to piece a back for the Cube Lattice. (Both of these quilts were made with mostly the same fabrics.)
One of the things on the cutting table is my light box. I got it down to trace some appliqué blocks for Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler. I’ve been listening to The Master Quilter as I stitch and just came to the part where Agnes lists the blocks she made (at least some of them) for Sylvia and Andrew’s quilt. Since I want to make it wider (to fit my bed) I pulled out my copy of the book and added the blocks not already in the quilt into my EQ project. Several of them are appliqué. Most of them I don’t have already drawn. So, I’ve been creating a Bridal Wreath block from a quilting stencil of the same name. I haven’t done much appliqué drawing, so this has been a learning experience. One of the blocks was a Whig Rose. This is one that will be tricky to make in a 6” block, at least the versions I typically think of as a Whig Rose. Maybe Agnes had a simpler version in mind? One of the additional blocks was Castle Wall, one of my favorite blocks, it will definitely get added. :)

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