Sunday, July 27, 2008

Catching Up - SBS, HC Garden and fun

I've managed to finish three more SBS blocks, Mrs. Cleveland's Choice, Orange Peel and Crossed Canoes. Hopefully I can get two more done this weekend, then I will have 40, one quarter of the way there!

Then of course there is High Country Garden, it is Done! Well, almost, it needs a label. I am actually pretty horrible about putting labels on quilts. I do sign them though, with Pigma pen. This quilt has a dark backing though, making signing well nigh impossible. So it needs a label.

While making the SBS blocks I seem to be finishing UFOs. The Cube Lattice isn't really a UFO, more of a scrap buster, but the border fabric is now pressed and ready for cutting. Sunday's task. Then I just pulled out another UFO from ancient days (1993 to be more precise). I got its border cut today, and the backing (same fabric).

Along with quilting I have been taking my DD out to learn to drive. She is getting better, but we only have about 4 hours behind the wheel, at least recently.

The bathroom is coming along, tile should go up this week. I've been using EQ to generate the tile layouts. Works pretty well.

Then we had some fun and went to see Carrie Fisher in her one woman show, Wishful Drinking. A hoot. Then we went to Foothill Musical Theatre and saw "Pajama Game". I've never seen it before, but recognized several of the songs. Loved it.

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