Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year!
Once again my New Year’s resolution is to finish more than I start. I actually managed that feat in 2008 (finished eleven quilts, started eight) and hope for a repeat this year (although maybe not as many). I don’t know that I am quite ready for the use more than I buy resolution, but I will shop from my stash first. Since I started knitting, the fabric stash is now supplemented by the yarn stash, which got quite a boost this last year. I had just started knitting when last years “In Stitches” (yarn) show was here (the same venue as Pacific International Quilt Festival) and didn’t go, but I do plan on going this year.

I have four quilt projects I started this year that are not done, two rather long term ones I started at the same time (not recommended, but I did it) and two that are tops. One of the tops will be long arm quilted as soon as I piece the backing (hopefully this weekend). I am currently piecing the back for the other top, my cube lattice mystery quilt. That back is a rather elaborate pieced back, using up (hopefully) all of the leftovers from the tops I made with the same fabrics (my High Country Garden which I bought the fabric for, and the Cube Lattice that used leftovers). I bought fat quarters and half yards of many fabrics, and used only a smattering in the first quilt. They came in handy when I needed shades of the same color for the mystery quilt. So the leftovers are not all that big, but there are a lot of them. I also have some fabric I originally got for possible borders which will also be candidates for filling out the back, a medallion. I guess this will really be a two sided quilt when I am done .

Once I finish the Cube Lattice, I am going to get back to piecing Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler, and quilt my Dear Jane. I really would like to show it at my guild’s show this April, so I need to get quilting. I’ll mark the feathered border when I have the basting table up for the Cube Lattice.

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